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Acceptance Sometimes Speaks Louder than Words

by Gwen Rollings

She held a bald-headed baby doll. It might have been a boy because it had on a navy blue sailor outfit. But it was swaddled in a pink, flowered blanket that she held tenderly in her arms, so I hesitated to call it a her or a him. I bent down to her level and commented about how cute her baby was. Marie smiled […]

Two Men and a Room Full of Women – What a Riot!

by Gwen Rollings

It was going to be a meeting of the Riverview Woman’s Club. You know, a room full of women talking about…women stuff. I was getting ready to do a presentation on the three books I’ve written about the life experiences of women (me included). I was excited about this evening because the women in this group are community leaders, […]


by Gwen Rollings

Scrollings through the channels on the small monitor attached to my elliptical machine, something I heard immediately grabbed my attention.  “Judge, I can’t take it anymore. He’s home 24/7. I want a divorce,” she said casting an evil eye sideway at the slightly disheveled man at the next podium. Ah, I thought, this is going to be […]