Help My Husband Just Retired CoverHELP! My Husband Just Retired

Gwen Rollings (Author), Illustrated by Brittany Rollings
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Publisher – Xulon Press

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After waiting almost forty years for her husband to stop his frantic-paced, globe-trotting career, a wife encounters the realities of retirement life that were never discussed at all the retirement seminars. Most women are clueless about what to expect when a husband walks in the door from work and says, “Honey, I’m home”…forever. We understand why financial preparation is necessary, but little is discussed about preparing a wife for the emotional and psychological reality of being “joined at the hip” with her husband every day. The author began her retirement journey unaware of all the detours, dead-ends, side trips, and wrong directions she would encounter and discovered that most of the other wives she met along the way were just as confused.

In this frank, honest, and humorous story, a seasoned retired wife takes a look back at what she thought was going to happen when her husband retired, what really happened, and what she would do differently if she had the opportunity for a do-over. Expectations, location, friendships, senior discounts, the Sandwich Generation, grandchildren, volunteering, downsizing, fitness, spiritual guidance, and adventure are a few topics every wife needs to consider before she has traveled too far down this new road. The author believes there should be Retired Wife Mentors provided by Medicare; but until that happens, Help! My Husband Just Retired should help a soon-to-be or novice retiree’s wife over the initial hurdles of what might prove to be the best destination spot of her lifetime.



We Band of Sisters

Gwen Rollings (Author)
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We Band of Sisters is a road map providing direction and landmarks to guide young women in answering that question and insights to their husbands and others about the strength, courage, and faith of wives who discover the answer.

Zandi Krulak, wife of former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles C. Krulak, USMC, wrote about We Band of Sisters:
“Gwen Rollings writes her heartwarming account of years spent as a Marine’s wife with honesty and familiarity that assures you that she is telling it ‘like it is.’ Her conversational style makes for easy reading and the feeling that you would readily and quickly get to know this lady, and feel comfortable with her whether you had met her when she was a general’s wife or a corporal’s.”


Seasons of a WomanSeasons of a Woman

Gwen Rollings (Author)
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Seasons of a Woman is a gift book of poetry. In every woman’s life there are seasons. The poems in this book capture these seasons through the people who define and bring meaning to women’s lives. Our parents, lovers, children, friends and God punctuate a woman’s story. Women celebrate the years and become more courageous with every obstacle they overcome. There are definite seasons…rich with color and vibrancy that make up the tapestry of a woman’s life. This book of poetry makes an excellent gift for a woman, at any season of her life, or for any man who seeks to understand a woman during these inevitable changes.