I will admit that I am a weather wimp. I am not alone in the Sunshine State. Civic events, businesses, even churches have been known to cancel or delay events if it rains too hard here in Florida. There are good reasons for this.

For one thing, there are so many senior citizens living in Florida driving those little golf carts zipping across four lane highways like gnats. It’s dangerous enough when the sun is shining, but it’s really difficult to see them when the visibility is bad. Then there’s the fact that hardly any native Floridians even own a raincoat, and our clothes and hair will get soaked if we get out in the rain. If you do see someone wearing a raincoat, it means they are probably visiting from somewhere else. Another very important reason for cancelling events during rainstorms is the air conditioning. No one dares to turn off the only escape we have from the heat and humidity of Florida, especially during the summer months. Coming inside after getting wet could be compared to walking inside a large freezer locker.

Speaking of freezing, you’ve got to admire our northern states’ weather warriors. I hear the weather channel every winter describe the blizzards and snow storms they experience where the white stuff piles up in drifts and lasts for days, weeks, or months, and they have to wear all the cold weather clothes (hats, gloves, boots, heavy coats, etc.) and then have to dig their cars out and scrape off the windshields before they can even get out of their driveway! I guess that’s why all us weather wimps move to Florida.