I lived for years desiring this
It’s called “retirement”
He’d come home one day and stay here
We’d both be so content.

No more business trips he would take
I would not be alone
His smiling face I’d always see
Not talking on a phone.

Together we would have such fun
Continually sublime
We’d stroll together hand in hand
Now he’d be only mine.

Well, it has been just seven months
I didn’t plan for this
He’s always home and there is just
Too much togetherness.

I’m not the only wife I found
Who wants a little space
It’s hard to say, “I missed you, Dear”
When he won’t leave our place.

A business trip just now and then
His voice on a phone call
I’d pay someone to pick him up
And take him to the mall.

It’s not that we don’t love our guys
Or don’t want them around
But soon their call, “Where are you, Hon?”
Becomes a dreaded sound.

We wives should have a place to vent
No, not to just complain
But share survival skills that work
Before we go insane!

I started out to write this blog
“My husband just retired”
So wives can share what happened when
They got what they “desired.”