Is nothing what it’s supposed to be anymore? I remember years ago when I bought my first can of Spam at my husband’s request, I wasn’t sure what to expect. First of all, it’s in a wierd, square-shaped can, and I had to use a turn key contraption to open it up. I fully expected to find little pig toe nails or part of a pig nose (snout?) in the glob that fell out. I only found a pink block of something that resembled meat. After checking out the ingredients on the can, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the pink stuff was a mixture of ham and chopped pork shoulder. After frying the sliced Spam, it was actually good with eggs…at least my husband thought so. Occasionally through the years, I counted upon Spam for a quick, in a time-crunch breakfast or lunch addition.  Counted upon. I had checked on the authenticity of Spam once, found it to be all it claimed the ingredients to be, and always felt confident that I knew what I was getting into when I opened that can.

When someone mentions the word “SPAM!” today, it is normally said in all caps with an exclaimation point in the voice. This SPAM cannot be counted upon for anything authentic, unfortunately, just the opposite. I’ll give you an example. Most would-be bloggers devote enormous amounts of brain energy (from that pink block in their head) thinking about something profound, funny, or of current interest to post hoping that readers will accidently happen upon their blog and respond with a positive comment, suggestion, rebuttal, or even an honest opposing viewpoint. We wonder, write, and wait. Is anyone out there?

One day the blogger notices there are comments. Many comments, great comments about his/her blog. Comments like: “I think you are a brillant writer.” “I have never read such marvelous ideas.” “I will bookmark you blog and look for you all the time, and tell my friends to look for you.” It is mind blowing. Everyday these bloggee groupies continue to praise and beg for more, more, more… About the time the novice blogger is feeling like the next Ernest Hemingway of short stories, she mentions the unbelievable number of people who are commenting on her blogs to a street-smart, been-there-done-that fellow blogger. She is told, “You are right, they are unbelievable. They are SPAM!” (LOL…really laughing out loud) The blogger (of course, it’s me!) responds, “That can’t be. They sound so sincere.”

Then the experienced blogger reads me their ingredients. “Look,” he points out matter-of factly. “This one is from Colon Cleaning Creations. That one is from Digestive Disease Diary. This English is so bad in this comment, the person can’t spell either. None of these even mention anything about what you wrote…” He just kept killing me softly with his words. (My favorite song had personal meaning to me now.) I realized then that this SPAM was full of bologna, and not the lunchmeat kind I had also known to be trustworthy and authentic. I think I know what part of a pig Spammers come from now.

Pseudo praise and false encouragement originating from selfish motivation, greed, and deceit are like the left over parts of integrity that should go in the garbage with pig toe nails and pig snouts. Among all the dishonest Slimers, I mean Spammers, there are still those readers of blogs who are authentic with their comments, ideas, and suggestions. Isn’t that indicative of the world today? There will consistently be those people who can be counted upon to be all they claim to be, and we can be confident that we know what we’re getting into when we run into them, even on the Internet. Yes, some things and people are still what they are supposed to be, thank goodness.