Gwen Rolling’s was the youngest child born into a family of contrasts. Her father, Tony Campagna, was a gregarious, street smart Catholic Italian from Boston, Massachusetts. Her mother, Senith Louise Jenkins, was a straight-laced, teetotaler, Irish Southern Baptist from the mountains of North Carolina. Her one sibling and older brother, Tony, Jr., was fun loving, good looking, and daring. Gwen was not very daring as a child as she preferred to create and vicariously live out her adventures in writing about what she saw and thought.

Gwen’s future was planned – no contrasts now:  go to the University of Florida, graduate with a degree in Journalism and become a news reporter. Instead, she met her brother’s USMC Drill Instructor, Corporal Wayne Rollings, while she was a senior in high school. Married two years later, she spent the next thirty-five years raising their four children and living aboard Marine bases throughout the world. Her husband eventually retired as a Major General.

Even though the Rolling’s’ family moved over twenty times during those Marine Corps years, Gwen was determined to complete her education. After ten years of taking college courses at every military location where they lived, Gwen graduated from the University of South Carolina, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude. Several years later, she received her Master’s Degree in Communication from George Mason University. Although still a military wife, Gwen became a college instructor and also owned a communication consulting business.

Writing was hibernating inside her just waiting for the right season to come back to life. After her husband’s retirement and relocation to Florida, Gwen finally had the time to reconnect with her early love of the written word. After compiling years of poems, she published Seasons of a Woman. Then she wrote her memoirs of a military family, We Band of Sisters, followed by her humorous advice book for other unsuspecting people (especially women) contrasting expectations vs reality about retirement in Help! My Husband Just Retired.

Now the latest, greatest contrast! Collaborating with her illustrator daughter, Brittany, to write children’s books: You Are One of a Kind, and the Molly Tailwagger series. However, the one never failing constant in Gwen’s life is her Christian faith.  Her goal is to ensure there is never a contrast with what she writes and what God would approve. Life is an exciting adventure!