Most of us have choices…actually many choices every day. Some are simple. Should I wear the white or beige sandals? Others have the potential to change the course of our lives. Deciding what to do with an aging parent who can no longer live alone is probably going to be a life changer for several people. Certainly the aging parent’s life will dramatically change with that choice and so will the person facilitating that choice. It’s sad how many adult children remove themselves out of that decision making arena. It’s also becoming more prevalent  for adults to compartmentalize any uncomfortable situation and assume it’s somebody else’s responsibility with “Hey, it’s not my problem.”

I have friends who have earned my highest respect. They have made selfless choices knowing their choices will alter their personal freedom and often create a financial burden for the sake of another person…especially for an aging parent or relative.  Still, knowing all the repercussions and consequences of their choices, they just do it. Some renovate their homes to accommodate an elderly relative’s special needs while others spend countless hours investigating and deciding on the best type of assisted living facility.

This scenario could play out in almost every other aspect of life: there are some people who just avoid the unpleasant complication of life that involve a detour or stop on the freeway to where they’re going; then there are those who understand the journey of life is never a solitary one. When someone needs some roadside assistance, they are the ones who stop and just do it.